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Muffin's Story

Silvie's precious 13 1/2 year old toy poodle Muffin Bordeaux, went blind approximately two years ago due to cataracts. She was devastated, since he kept bumping into walls and falling down the stairs. He became very depressed and was afraid to move around. She could not let him out of my sight and carried him around everywhere. She searched the internet extensively for solutions/assistance. That was when she realized that there is a great need for a products to assist blind/visually impaired dogs, so she invented this aid for dog device/guideMuffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs ® ” that has changed his life, as well as hers. Muffin now knows his home again and can travel with her to any hotel or friend’s house and gets to familiarize any new surroundings, quickly. He just loves this aid and is back to his peppy confident self! Muffin also loves all the attention he gets when she takes him on walks, as he looks like a little angel. Most importantly, she can leave him at home for hours and know that he is safe.  Watch the movie about Basil and Muffin's Story

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