Muffin's Halo - Blind Dog
  • Muffin's Halo - Blind Dog

Muffin's Halo Blind Dog from € 79,99

Muffin's Halo Blind Dog is a 3-piece must-have device that blind dogs helps to quickly become familiar with existing or new environments. The halo is as a bundle which is wound around the neck and the body of the dog. The wing attaches to the neck of the harness. The halo is attached to the wing, and when placed on the neck of the harness, the halo is only just above the eye level, and acts as a buffer to protect a blind dog's forehead, nose, face, and shoulders against impacts against hard surfaces!

Directly more confidence

When the Halo collides with hard surfaces, it sends a signal to the dog to warn that there is an object. The dog catches it very quickly and it's really great to see their confidence immediately. Wearing the belt is comfortable and makes the same dog less anxious.. 

Highest quality materials, guaranteed.

Material: Lightweight and comfortable, made of polyester / cotton and a stylish, easy mounting with adjustable Velcro. Muffin's Halo Blind Dog is made for normal daily activities of a blind dog  and will not stand in the way. They can eat, drink, sleep and play with the Halo on!

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